Vitling (David Whiting) is a music producer, visual artist, programmer and DJ based in Berlin, Germany
i.am@thewit.ch // telegram: @vvitling // twitter: @vvitling // instagram: @vvitling // soundcloud: @vitling

Acid Rain (2020)

Infinite random audiovisual composition, Typescript / Canvas / WebAudio

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Triple Saw (2020)

Infinite generative pattern-based audiovisual composition, js / Canvas / WebAudio

(Chrome or Opera recommended, uses new web technology which isn't in all browsers yet)

Humanoids (2020)

3d animation, Blender + Makehuman

Created originally as club visuals for Sunday Club, exhibited again as part of United We Stream #30: BRENN. X Kake

Barcode (2019)

Interactive audiovisual composition, js / Canvas / WebAudio


Cosmic Cosmetic Microcosm (2019)

2-track single, digital

  1. Cosmic Cosmetic Microcosm [5:59]
  2. Not Going Out [8:06]

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Dimensional Transport Apparatus (2019) w. Leon Worden

Exhibited as in interactive installation during Sunday Club on 06.10.2019. Visitors were invited to attempt to navigate to an alternate dimension using an control surface comprised of dials and faders as the interface. Patterns projected on to the triangular display reflected the visitor's journey. This was a collaboration with Leon Worden, who designed and built the physical structures to present the work in installation form.

We Meet At The Singularity (2019) w. Reinartz

Exhibited as an interactive installation at "Through Whose Eyes" exhibition at KAKE, Berlin

Algorithmic score and visuals by Vitling, sound design by Reinartz

Singularity: A point at which a given mathematical object is not defined or not "well-behaved", for example infinite or not differentiable. A region in spacetime in which tidal gravitational forces become infinite. A weather phenomenon likely to occur with reasonable regularity around a specific approximate calendar date, outside of more general seasonal weather patterns. A union of consciousness reported to be observed within an “ego death” experience. A hypothetical moment in time when any physically conceivable level of technological advancement is attained instantaneously.

Dusk (2018)

3-track EP, digital

  1. Civil Dusk [3:28]
  2. Nautical Dusk [3:28]
  3. Astronomical Dusk [2:50]

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