~ vitling // David Whiting, 2024

Cover art for Cadence album depicting abstract coloured patterns and a single running shoe

Introducing Cadence: a new album of 12 tracks inspired by late 90s/early 00s melodic trance music, with the whole sequence of tracks being mixed and the album endlessly loopable, available at 3 different BPMs.

Born out of a failure to find any good music to run to where I can run to the beat, I decided to make my own. Of course it's highly compatible with plain old listening and dancing functions.

The entire record is available in 150, 160 and 170bpm versions on all platforms, so that you can choose the version that matches your stride, breath, rpm, or other repetitive motion metric. In the Bandcamp version, there are additionally the full gapless mixes as single tracks. If playing with separated tracks then make sure to switch on gapless playback on your player.

There are 12 tracks matching the 12 keys of the western musical system. Consecutive tracks are adjacent in the cycle of fifths. The whole record is seamlessly loopable, so you can start anywhere and play it on repeat.