Vitling : Audio Plugins

Here are some audio plugins I have developed, either to help me produce my own music work, or as experimental works in their own right. They are coded in C++ using the JUCE framework, and released for free under the GPL3 open-source license. They can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux systems; and in most DAWs including Ableton Live, Cubase and FL Studio


Particles is an experimental audio synthesis plugin which creates notes by simulating particle collision.

It takes MIDI input (eg. from a music keyboard), and uses it to generate particles in the simulation corresponding to the notes which are being played, with a velocity set by the velocity of the incoming MIDI note.

The simulation uses perfectly elastic Newtonian collision mechanics, and each particle will "ring" whenever it hits another, at a volume dependent on the force of the collision, and panned to where it happened in the simulation space.

The effect produced is something like a chaotic non-synced arpeggiator, that can be used for all kinds of interesting random and/or textural effects.

If you want to get an idea of the potential, then you can check out my previous iteration Gas which is a webaudio-based implementation of the same concept with fixed notes. Particles is a C++/JUCE version with higher performance, has more features, and is designed more as a instrument and less as a toy.


Crypt is a software synthesiser plugin designed for creating spacious cold hyper-unisoned synth sounds, built for the Bow Church project

It features CPU-efficient unison oscillation of up to 64 detuned oscillators, and parameters to create dirt and space in the sound


I do not have a full-time job, so I rely on the voluntary support of my audience to be able to continue producing code, music and art

These plugins are free, but if you find them useful, then please consider supporting my work. You can do that by buying my music; or listen and add tracks by Vitling to playlists on Spotify and/or SoundCloud.

I also greatly appreciate direct donations via Paypal

You can also see my main website, Instagram or Twitter to follow my latest work; and/or contact me to hire me/commission me for stuff.

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